Nassau County – 2021 St. Marys River Clean Up

Nassau County

In Nassau County alone, 138 of the participating volunteers cleaned up 3.8 tons of litter from 13 sites. From Dee Dee Bartles Boat Ramp on the north end of Fernandina Beach, to the Shave Bridge, to Lofton Creek, Goffinsville Park in Yulee, King’s Ferry in Hilliard and other sites, they joined together to clean up the waterways and surrounding areas

Take Stock in Children volunteers at Goffinsville Park: left to right: students Fernanda Rodriguez, Tristan Evatt, Leah Kasper, Stephanie Santos with mentor, Roberta Nataloni, student Barbora Trejbal, Brandon Hood, and TSIC Executive DIrector Robin Lentz holding Maddux Lentz
Hilliard, Kings Ferry Left to right- Aeleyni Gaul, Andy Lee, Nancy Lee, Steve Shurter, Sharon Adams, Malcolm Adams, Chad Ireland, Kim Clemons.
Jeep Club Fernandina Beach FL Shave Bridge
The Shave bridge in Fernandina Beach: the Flood family mom (Left to right): mom Suzanne, son Joey, son Jake, Dad Jeremy and son John Kenny.
YHS student Jonah Blutcher leads the way in Yulee
Fernandina Beach, FL Dee Dee Bartles Boat Ramp

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