Our Team

Executive Director & St. Marys Riverkeeper: Emily Floore

St. Marys Riverkeeper is the chief advocate and public’s voice for the St. Marys River. Responsibilities include: holding regulatory agencies and those polluting the river accountable; identifying and advocating for solutions that will protect and restore the river; working with government entities, businesses, community leaders and citizens to resolve problems that impact the river’s health; and communicating with the media and the public to educate and raise awareness about important river-related issues. In addition to Riverkeeper responsibilities, Emily Floore maintains overall responsibility for budgeting, staffing, program development, fundraising, and public relations as Executive Director.

Prior to taking on this role, Emily worked for St. Johns Riverkeeper as Education Director where she inspired students and educators to experience the St. Johns River through hands-on river science experiments and modeling. She taught them how human actions can impact the river, and how to become better stewards for our environment. Previous jobs also include Planetarium Educator at Jacksonville’s Museum of Science and History and Shipboard Education Coordinator at Bayshore Center at Bivalve. She has a BS in Coastal Biology from the University of North Florida and a BA in Political Science from College of Charleston.

Mobile: (843) 906-6548 Office : (904) 875-6255

Board of Trustees

Kim Bednarek, Chair of the Board

Joe Lucent, Treasurer

Jen Fabrick, Secretary

Todd Blaudow, Director

Chip Campbell, Director

Brandy Carvalho, Director

Jorden Center, Director

Shawn DeRome, Director

Dr. Bryan Frank, Director

Dana Kahlbaum, Director

Rev. Antwon Nixon, Director

Greg Sheppard, Director

Larry Lyons, Ex-Officio

Steve Brockman, Ex-Officio