Our Priorities

St. Marys Riverkeeper has made it a priority since our founding in 2016 to minimize threats, to test and monitor water quality, and to make sure our river is much better understood. For the most part our river is very clean and we are working hard to keep it that way! 

Protecting Our River

Safeguarding our St. Marys River from threats through science-based advocacy to ensure the continued protection of our River.
Current Issues

Water Quality

Clean water is vital to the health of all living things, vibrant communities, and strong economies.
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Climate Change & Resiliency

Encouraging cities and counties to prioritize a list of specific, actionable projects that would address flooding, coastal erosion, sea level rise impacts, and associated risks for the watershed.
Living Shorelines Project

Low Impact Development

Ensuring river buffers, forested barriers along the waterfront properties, septic tank setbacks, and preserving the wild and scenic feel of the St. Marys River
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