Water Testing Results

Interpretation of Water Quality Results:

Bacterial (E. coli) Levels: We are sharing our Bacterial testing results even though we collect much more information. E. coli levels are relatively simple to understand, directly affect humans health, and are a great red flag indicator of many other water quality problems that may need our special attention.

Here are the EPA recommended E. coli levels for recreational waters corresponding to what they consider an acceptable level of risk if 8 people out of 1000 might get sick.

Good:    (0 – 235)

Fair:   (235-536)

Poor:   ( >536 )

Designated Swimming:     (0-235)
Moderate Swimming:   (235-298)
Less Swim / Contact:   (298-410)
Infrequent Contact:   (410-600)
Avoid Swimming:      (>600)

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