Water Testing Results

Interpretation of Water Quality Results:

Bacterial (E. coli) Levels: We are sharing our Bacterial testing results even though we collect much more information. E. coli levels are relatively simple to understand, directly affect humans health, and are a great red flag indicator of many other water quality problems that may need our special attention.

Here are the EPA recommended E. coli levels for recreational waters corresponding to what they consider an acceptable level of risk if 8 people out of 1000 might get sick.

Good:    (0 – 235)

Fair:   (235-536)

Poor:   ( >536 )

Designated Swimming:     (0-235)
Moderate Swimming:   (235-298)
Less Swim / Contact:   (298-410)
Infrequent Contact:   (410-600)
Avoid Swimming:      (>600)

Water Quality Site Reports — St. Marys Riverkeeper

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13b. Alligator Creek at 8th St. (FB) (aka Escambia Slough)


5. Borrell Creek, GA, Dark Entry

06. St. Marys Cove Boat Ramp — (was – Boy Scout Camp), FL

7. Camp Pinkney, GA

8. Catfish Creek, GA

9. Egans Creek, 14th St. Ramp

9a. Egans Creek Entrance

 1. Amelia River Bouy G1

2. Amelia River Entrance

3. Beech Creek, Cumberland Island

4. Bells River, GA

10. Egans Creek at Atlantic

11. Egans Creek at Sadler

12. Alligator Creek at Mouth (Escambia Slough)

13. Alligator Creek at Escambia St. (aka Escambia Slough)

13b. Alligator Creek at 8th St. (FB) (aka Escambia Slough)

13c. Alligator Creek at 11th St. (FB — near school board building)

13d. Alligator Creek at 14th St. (FB)

14. Fernandina Marina

15. Fort Clinch & Dee Dee Bartels Boat Ramp

16. Goffinsville Park

17. Holly Point, Nassau River

18. Jackson Creek, Amelia

19. Jolly River

20. Kings Ferry

21. Kingsley Creek

22. Little St. Marys

23. Turkey Creek, Macclenny

24. Nassau River @ 17

25. Nassau River @ A1A

26. Nassau River, South End

27. North River @ Meeting Street

28. Osprey Cove

29. SMR @ Scotts Landing, FL

30. SMR @ St. George Bridge

31. SMR @ HW 121 Bridge

32. SMR @ US 17 Bridge

33. SMR @ Wheeler Street

34. SMR @ Traders Hill Ramp

35. SMR @ White Oak Plantation

36. Horsepen Creek #1

37. Horsepen Creek #2

38. Horsepen Creek #3

39. Horsepen Creek #4

40. Horsepen Creek #5

41. SMR @ River Landing Rd (HP6)

42. SMR @ Temple Landing (HP7)

43. Harrietts Bluff Tributary near Boat Ramp

44. Boone Creek @ HW121 Bridge

46. Edwards Road Boat Ramp

47. John Claxton / Wilson Neck Boat Ramp

51. Lofton Creek @ HWY200

53. SMR @ Crandall Rd (little sister creek, mouth)

75a. SMR in Spanish Creek Mouth

75b. Spanish Creek @ US121 Bridge

75c. SP Clay Branch at Humphries Street

75d. SP Clay Branch Homeland Park

75e. SP Clay Branch at El Terrace

75f. SP Hatchers Branch at El Terrace

75g. SP Hatchers Branch at Weyerhaeuser