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Become a Florida Friendly Fishing Guide! Here’s more information from Florida Sea Grant about best practices in protecting our waters while fishing.


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HUNTERS! please do not abandon animal carcasses or dump them outdoors, especially near a water source! We are constantly finding carcasses as the source of dangerous bacteria in our waterways. Here is how the Florida Wildlife Commission advises hunters to properly dispose of carcasses:

Disposal of dead animals: open up two heavy plastic trash bags. Avoid touching the carcass with your bare hands. Pick up the carcass using disposable gloves or plastic bags worn on your hands. Place the carcass in the first heavy plastic trash bag. Keep the open end of the bag pointed away from your face while tying securely. Next remove gloves or plastic bags from your hands by turning them inside out. Dispose of the gloves or plastic bags in the second heavy trash bag and place the first bag (containing the carcass) in the second bag. Tie the second bag securely and place it in the garbage. If there are multiple carcasses to be disposed of, please first speak with your local waste management facility.