Swim Guide

St. Mary's River now part of the free Swim Guide app

Is it safe to get in the water?

For those who enjoy swimming, fishing, kayaking and boating along the beautiful St. Mary’s River, the answer is as easy as “green” for “go” or “red” for “no” with the free Swim Guide app. Developed by Canada’s Swim Drink Fish, the app for IOS or Android has information about more than 8,000 recreational waters in 11 countries – now including the St. Mary’s River.

“We regularly test public access sites along the river for contaminants such as E. coli, which can indicate other harmful pathogens in the water,” said St. Marys Riverkeeper Anna Laws. “Using the app, folks can quickly check before they put in their boat or start their river float. It also provides a lot of other basic information that we hope river users will take advantage of.”

In addition to water quality data, Swim Guide provides a map, weather updates, and information about the destination – such as parking, amenities, photos and more. If the water is at a safe level for swimming, a green icon is indicated, if not — a red icon will let you know. Each level is explained in detail. The app also has a way users can report problems on the river, such a litter, debris or wildlife issues.

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