St. Marys River Cleanup

Tons of trash hauled from watershed

On April 15, 2023, 430 people removed over 18,000 pounds of trash and debris including 54 tires from our St. Marys River watershed! A big shoutout to White Oak Conservation for hosting the Clean Up Celebration afterwards. Over 360 of you joined us for lunch along the river to recount stories from the day and learn how you can engage in the continued protection of our St. Marys!

The St. Marys River is 130 miles long and winds through four counties in two states. More than 60,000 residents depend on the health of the river for tourism, recreation, commercial fishing, and safe drinking water. Wildlife and plant ecosystems rely on the continued cleanliness of the watershed. Let’s do our part this Earth Month to ensure a healthy St. Marys River for all who depend on it!

Thank you to our 2023 Cleanup Sponsors and Partners

Faith and Chip Ross

Camden County Solid Waste

Meridian Waste (Charlton County)

Earthkeepers Alliance

Wild Cumberland

Baker County

Nassau County

St. Marys Public Works